Memories of Arunachal Pradesh and Commemoration of War Heroes

After the recent skirmishes on China border I was compelled to search through my collection of Arunachal Pradesh photographs and located some iconic memories of the place for the places connected with Indo China War in 1962.

State of Arunachal Pradesh touches the International Border with China. During my posting at Arunachal Pradesh in (2010-12) I was looking after Social Welfare and Women & Child Development Departments,and for some time Public Works Departments .

At least two times in a month I would go out along with personal staff for trips stretching to all corners of the State .Each trip could be of 3-5 days duration.

Travelling to distant locations for inspections of Schools, Anganwadis, Dispensaries and construction of roads was a regular activity.

Travel by road is the most preferred mode of travel. It is so because the Chopper services were limited to select destinations.The Road journey itself was a bonus as it offered opportunities for collecting numerous pictures of the most beautiful mountains and serpentine flow of rivers. falling enroute.

There is a protocol for travelling by road. The District Magistrates of the District through which travel is to take place had to be informed in writing in advance. This is because of the fact that breakdown in the roads due to avalanche and falling of large stones is not infrequent. Persons caught on road during such natural calamities got trapped for hours and had to be evacuated with huge efforts.

One most endearing feature of the State is that the local people, the as well as the Govt. staff are very warm hearted and helpful as well as great hosts.

Subordinate staff posted in various districts has very large percentage of female employees who share the responsibilities along with their Male counterparts.They leave no stone unturned to assist the visiting officials.

Arunachal has a matriarchal society and females are very bold as well as hardworking.The are usually well dressed and smartly turned out.Being proud of their State and it’s traditions of valour they sometimes very sportingly insist for photographs.

One of the visits to Tawang was exclusively reserved for visiting the places connected with 1962 war.

The State has witnessed some important battles between Chinese Army and the Indian Army during the 62 WAr.The Army has commemorated the sacrifices of it’s bravehearts in style at War Memorial at Tawang.

Details of their courage displayed by Indian Army are showcased in great style and the stories are inscribed on Copper plates.

The Museum was opened in 1998-99.

It was late in evening and the sun was setting as the flag was unfurled. As a lone bugler sounded the last post everyone got emotional.

AS we started to turn around and leave the sky was covered in all hues of red as if reminding of the patriotic song.

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