The blogger is located in India. After completing educational responsibilities in 1975, took up a job in Govt. sector. Thereafter for more than three decades I was moving through length and breadth of the country  out of job compulsions, .

Had taste for creative writings since school days.  As a High School student I won first prize  for a short story -at a District level competition . After occasional writings in college magazine and weekend editions of local dailies, the author in me went in hibernation for a quarter century.Picked up the lost thread through this blog in 2006.

This blog was a great hit after writing a few posts on Sixth CPC recommendations.In a short time the blog received more than 130 thousand hits.It continued to attract interest  even thereafter as the stat counter shows.

My intention for starting this blog was to give vent to my feelings on a variety of issues which periodically agitate us. However most popular posts have turned out to be those related to Sixth CPC matters.At one time I decided that I would not be writing anything related to Pay Commission and continued with that resolve.

However with arrival of Seventh CPC report I found the hit counter rolling again.I therefore could not hold back myself and returned to CPC matters.I however clarify that this blog does not provide instant solutions to individual cases.I do not have the time or inclination  for responding  to individual queries.For such individual problem solving there are other blogs.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. GOI has implemented 6th cpc 4 all its employees enabling them to celebrate festivals accross the country.

    Why step-motherly treaement to employees of Central Autonomous Bodies, which are integral parts of different Ministries/Departments? They are in dark as when to implement.

    Can anybody throw any light?

  2. आपके ब्लॉग पर एक लाख तीस हजार हिट लगी ये तो परम आनंद का विषय है। आप तो पूरे और पक्के लेखक हैं। ‘राईटर्स लॉस टू ब्यूरोक्रेटिक प्रोफिट’ को उलटने का वक्त आ गया है। शशि थरुर ,उपमन्यु चटर्जी का हिंदी को इंतजार है।
    लग जाईये फैक्ट-फिक्शन ,हिंदी-अंग्रेजी की परवाह न करें।
    विजय शर्मा

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