Indian Bnbs: A Magna Carta for BnB home stay and tourism Industry

It is often said that except for a few, most Civil Servants just ride into sunset post retirement and settle down to the comforts of their farm houses or hill retreats.But the exceptional cases who retain their flair for creative writing and research work outshine even the experts in the field and deliver amazing pieces of erudite research even in unexplored areas.One such example which can be cited is the book titled ” Indian BnBs- an emerging disruptor in Hospitality Sector “.The book is co authored by GG Saxena an Ex IAS officer from Delhi along with two qualified experts in the field Ambuj and Anshul. Taking tourism to heart while being posted as MD of Delhi Tourism and Transport Development Corporation , “GG” as we fondly call him went on to complete a Phd in Bed and Breakfast hotels and launched a hospitality related venture BnB Nation with Ambuj and Anshul. His recently launched book adds to his credentials as a national level tourism expert.

I picked up the book out of sheer curiosity. During my post retirement holiday trips to Europe, Singapore, Japan and China BnB ads for accommodations such as these  have been a familiar sight.

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But it was not known to me that the concept had picked up so fast in our country. Indian BnBs comes as eye opener. The book gives a detailed insight into the legislative and regulatory frame works which various State Govts. have brought out realising the potential of this sector . Laced with data and interesting case studies the book goes on to make comparative analysis of costs involved in setting up BnB hospitality, showing how a BnB accommodation costs a small fraction of cost involved in setting up a Hotel room. It has been explained that with technological improvements and availability of verification platforms now it is much simple for the guest and host to verify trustworthiness of each other.

As the tourists coming to India have a desire to soak into Indian culture and culinary delights BnB accommodations are the exact answer for such tourists. Indian BnBs in fact discusses inspiring success stories of some of entrepreneurs who have been skilfully  managing such accommodation with their own ingenuity.No doubt several Universities have in such short time picked up the book as referral book.

The authors have ended the book with several suggestions for Govt which can help this sector to grow into a major source of employment for young and old with minimum investment and there by tap immense hidden potential in tourism sector.With such hand holding support from experts the day may not be far off when our BnBs shall pose challenge to likes of Air BnB the world famous operators in this field.

{Authors have informed that the book is published through Pragun Publications 4224/1Ansari Raod Daryaganj New Delhi-110002.(}


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12 thoughts on “Indian Bnbs: A Magna Carta for BnB home stay and tourism Industry

  1. I feel humble after reading such a nice review. The Blogger is master in analyising a natter in details and without bias. I am surprised to note that Ajit, as our peer group calls him, has discussed contents incorporated in various chapters and emphasised utility of hitherto ignored areas like cost of construction of a hotel room, block chain theory and viability point of view for BnB owners . Yes Ajit, we have ventured into unexplored area of Indian homestays. Thanks for focussing on utility of this book even for foreign individual tourist (FIT) in searching out of authentic BnB rooms in Indian cities.

  2. It’s was an eye opener . True Indian hospitality in uncomparable . Our concept of BnB is all together different from Western world

  3. Excellent efforts by Dr. G.G.Saxena and Ex. M.D.&CEo Delhi Tourism in promoting Tourism and B& B.My Best wishes.

  4. Great efforts for Indian & world tourisms development. Congratulations to autthors Saxena GG.,Anshul & Ambuj. Nice comments of Mr Ajit Srivastva. Never stop go ahead.

  5. Thank you sir for an in-depth review of my book! I’m glad you have highlighted the book’s importance not just for travellers but also tourism officers and Indian culture lovers!

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